Shine a light on your business partners.


An effective tool for screening companies and individuals. We offer a complete overview of the audited company’s structure, key people in management, financial health, warnings and commitments of your business partners in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

  • we save you time
  • we eliminate the risk of cooperating with unreliable partners
  • more than 90 resources in one easy to understand application

Diagrams of business and property connections are a practical tool for data investigation, as they will allow you to uncover economic ties with a look into the past.

Reports are tools for a comprehensive analysis of a company from various angles.

The activities of competitors, business partners and clients are constantly accompanied by a number of changes that could have a major impact on your company‘s activities.

Services in the application

The Cribis application contains credit information on more than 10 million entrepreneurs and individuals from the Czech and Slovak Republics. In addition, it is connected to a number of add-on modules that enable comprehensive verification of business partners.


Verification of international companies in the form of an on-line / off-line credit report, monitoring and alternative services to solve KYC or AML issues. You gain access to information from all over the world. Borders are not an obstacle for us.

Up-to-date information on payments and the payment morale of audited entities in the shared program. Easy to understand display of the payment morale of the business partner incl. REPI Index, which compares the audited entity with the rest of the market.

Verification of the company or person in sanction lists (Seco, OFAC SDN, FinCEN, EU sanction list, etc.). It’s an effective tool for complying with anti-money laundering, anti-drug or anti-terrorist regulations.

The Cribis application provides access to the Central Register of Executions and the Real Estate Cadastre for checking business partners and individuals. Favourable prices are offered per query for application users, with the possibility of customizing individual queries and carrying out bulk searches.


You customize the look and set the functions

The design of the Cribis application can be tailored to your preferences and requirements. You can choose the design of the application according to your taste or mood (we also offer darkmode).


Graphic display

You can adjust the colour of the display, as well as the size and shape of the buttons. The appearance and content of the report can be customized in accordance with your preferences.

Data configuration

You can add interesting data to the portfolio of your business partners, which can be selected with a few clicks. You therefore track data that is specifically useful to you.

Full-text search

Smart help speeds up queries when searching for subjects linked to metadata. Searches connect directly to report and diagram links.


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