Structured output containing complete information that not only assesses the financial health of the company.

Global Report

In a unified format, you get a comprehensive picture of the company, evaluation and other accompanying information (financial statements, subsidies or contracts).

Basic information, warning and supplementary information, evaluation of the subject, information from financial statements, mandatory published information by the state, REPI, connections between subjects, information from monitoring, and overview of publicity in the media.

The added value of the Global Report is the CRIBIS Index and CRIBIS Semafor evaluation.



Simple evaluation based on financial and non-financial indicators, thereby providing a quick picture of the company‘s condition. The evaluation is intended for legal entities.

CRIBIS Traffic Light

CRIBIS Traffic Light evaluates the level of business risk. It draws attention to the subject's negative information (insolvency, liquidation, debt recovery, bankruptcy, etc.). The semafor group evaluates subjects of the economically connected group to the second level of ties. The evaluation is intended for legal and natural persons doing business.

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Global Report

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