We help Ukrainian companies

doing business in the Czech Republic

We are not indifferent to the situation in Ukraine and are lending a helping hand. We have contributed financially and now we want to help with products. We provide solutions to help prevent risks arising from business. We know that the help needed now is a little different, but we try to help as best we can.


We help companies identify business risks

In turbulent times, it is necessary to have up-to-date information, be alert and react adequately to any changes. This applies not only to everyday life, but also to working life. It is a good idea to check who you are doing business with and under what conditions, who your business partner is and what is behind them.

We offer the CRIBIS application free of charge for one year.


We understand that you may have never heard of such a thing, we will briefly explain what it is 😊

CRIBIS application


The CRIBIS application is a tool for screening natural and legal persons in the Czech and Slovak Republics. It offers a complete picture of the structure of the company under investigation, key persons in the management of the companies, financial health, warning information and liabilities. Nearly a hundred information sources are integrated in the application, so you have everything clearly in one place.

We are happy to provide the CRIBIS application free of charge for one year in the CRIBIS Light package, which includes:

150 units per global reports and relations charts
200 units for monitoring

Global reports

The reports contain a structured output that provides complete information to assess not only the financial health of the company. In the global report, you will find basic information about the company, warning and supplementary information, entity ratings, information from financial statements, information required to be disclosed by the government, relationships between entities, and monitoring information. Added value is the CRIBIS Index and CRIBIS Semaphore ratings - they allow you to quickly find out what the state of the company is and whether it has serious warning information.

Global Report

Relations charts

Relationship diagrams visually connect the entity and their relationships between companies, persons and addresses. At a glance, you can see the environment of the entity (business, property, ...), whether warning and additional information is registered for the entities and, for companies, what rating they have. It is also possible to trace historical links up to the fourth level.


Relations chart


Daily monitoring of economic changes in companies. Alerts are available in the app and you will also receive information about changes in your email. It is possible to monitor a range of events - changes in financial statements and ratios, alert and supplementary information (insolvency, unreliable VAT payer, foreclosures, payment morality, overdue liabilities) and changes in ownership and management relationships and ties.



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And a little more about who we are


Our company CRIF - Czech Credit Bureau is part of the global CRIF group, which specializes in the development and management of credit registry services, business information systems and credit solutions. The parent company was founded in 1988 in Bologna (Italy). We operate on 4 continents, in 50 countries and serve more than 82,000 companies and 1,000,000 consumers.

Help for Ukrainian companies in Czech Republic

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